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About online casinos...

So you have arrived at our online casino, looking at the site, the prospect and of course you are taking a cautious peak at first: What exactly is online gaming as opposed to the classic casino experience?


Online casino gambling has covered quite a distance in the last decades. It got not too kind publicity because of irresponsible gamers and those who profit from such people. However, today this industry is as sound and genuine as any other licensed and legally settled entertainment facility. It has become state of the art in security set-up, site-encryption and payment systems. So, in fact, online gaming is as safe as shopping with online bookstores or travel agents.


There are also several third party organizations such as eCogra who have established binding standards to regulate this industry in order to safeguard and protect the customers of online casinos. These standards have been key to the legal founding of online gaming in the European community as well as the rest of the world. Please find additional information on the legal and gaming-related standards in our corporate section.




From classic to online casinos

Visiting classic casinos has always been special. Whether we were inspired by that famous British agent or came across one of these impressive houses during holidays, a night (or a day) at a casino is an experience to remember.

At Dragonara we know this all too well since we run such a classic land-based casino which means a physical casino as opposed to an online (virtual and electronic) casino. On our floors we provide the flamboyant atmosphere, the music and lights, the drinks and all those surroundings that can only come from table-games and slots in live-action. In other words: When we discuss casino-life we know what we’re talking about.

Obviously, an online casino is a virtual experience as it’s coming to you via the Internet into the privacy of your home. You choose the surroundings, whether to play on your terrace, during your morning coffee or at night, wearing whatever you wish as you are not in a real but an online environment brought to you on your PC. But then we are doing our utmost to give you the experience we share with our guests every day. We do offer many more services such as professional customer-care, VIP-services, rock-solid player security, privacy, and - last, but by no means least – great odds.




Where is the difference besides playing on your computer?
First of all, you are not surrounded by other players. That may subtract the casino-feel as such, but the plus-side is that you can concentrate on your game and your strategy. You choose your game as you choose your casino: You are looking for a professional and technically sophisticated environment, entertaining games and, of course, the best chance to win.

The games today are on the forefront of technology development. For instance, you might have already seen slot-machines in a real, land-based casino and found that there is no difference between physical and online versions. This is obviously because they are nowadays both based on programing technology to run reels, slots as well as producing the results of spinning these reels. Gone are the times of one-armed bandits. In fact, land-based slot machines more and more present an electronic interface exactly in the same way as they appear on your computer screen when playing online.

Table-games such as Roulette, Black Jack or Craps of course have it a bit more difficult as they involve physical action which has to be reproduced based on a programmed software. Again, however, the state of technology these days enables us to enjoy a table-game with almost the same speed and entertainment as in a live environment. Agreed, it may lack the buzz of our real tables, but then you want to play with a real casino in the Mediterranean, even if you’re at home in Firenze, Munich or Trondheim. And that is why you choose Dragonara to provide you with the best online experience there is.
It is down to what our team and our interface will give you and of course the quality of games you can play with us. Digital gaming technology these days is as safe as playing in a real casino. It is regulated by governmental gaming authorities, it underlies law and jurisdiction and even its technical core, the software and the random number generator, are regulated and controlled by the authorities, untouched by us, the casino provider.

So, by all means, you are safe to play with us. Find out more about safety and regulations in our corporate sites .




Casino Software & Random Number Generators
Playing online may not be the same thing as standing on our casino floor. But then, all of us have witnessed the quantum leap digital technology has made during the last decades, especially in recent years. We are now taking for granted high-definition home cinema systems or phones that produce brilliant photography, play back hours of music, let us interact with our friends anywhere, upload videos in real-time and provide us with great games. Which kind of brings us to the point as our PCs have been doing that for a little while longer.


Sportsbetting companies had discovered the Internet and mobile technology as a market allowing customers to place bets wherever they are, most importantly from within the convenience of their homes and shortly before or even during a sports-event. Online casinos followed soon after. Casino web-sites began to offer an Internet-based environment where customers could join, open an account, deposit money and then play with the chips they bought, just as in any traditional land-based casino. The difference being that here no croupier throws the ball into the roulette-bowl or a dealer places the cards onto the green felt. In a digital world this is done by programmed applications. The question is, as in any technical decision a customer makes today, whether quality and security are up to standards.

Today, the companies providing online casino games are enterprises just as any other entity providing you with computers, software or media technology. They have professional development units employing high-end programming specialists, they are subject to standards and governmental assessment, they are licensed and very often public companies. No space for amateurism, let alone for fraudulent behaviour.



Casino software consists of three main areas:

  • The Payment Gateway and Customer Account, handling your money transfers via any established payment provider and keeping your account just as a bank would do.
  • The Casino Games, brought to you via media plug-ins that allow games to come to life and you to interact by betting money.
  • The Random Number Generator, the core of any casino software, ensuring that slots, cards and any game-action is based on random in a secure and impenetrable way and thus cannot be tampered with by any person.


Casino games therefore are programmed environments letting you play by using graphics and buttons as any good game would – and they are safe.


Random Number Generators

To understand just how safe and controlled casino gameplay is, let us expand a bit on what a random number generator (RNG) is and how it functions.

Basically, the random number generator is the brain of a casino game. It is a programmed application picking the slot-numbers, cards or determining the spin of casino slot reels. Unlike real live slots, card games or roulette tables on a real physical casino floor there are no mechanics or physical actions involved. So forget about those casino-buffs you may have witnessed looking at slots, roulettes or card games and perform superhuman calculations. It is close to impossible to beat a random number generator. This may be bad news to the mentioned casino-buffs, it is, however, good news for the rest of us because this is the main reason for mutual trust: The generator determines the game and none of us, neither the customer who plays nor us who run the casino have any say or impact on it. No more, no less.


At the heart of the casino software operates this number generator producing numbers which are linked to the images of the game. It is vital to understand that these randomly generated numbers are just that: Random. They are not being picked in advance, there is no secret list of numbers. The casinos themselves, especially those being part of established networks (like Dragonara is with its gaming-provider Everymatrix) have little to zero visibility of the random number generator. This is not only to establish business creditability but also to create security. Any licensed casino operator or casino games provider doing business based on this technology has to guarantee that the entire application is at the core of online casino regulation. In light of this, both reputable online casinos as well as gaming authorities are regularly having these applications checked, audited and sealed by accredited accountancy firms who check the RNG algorithm for accuracy.




Deposit play and withdraw

As stated before, you pay into your casino account just as you would deposit money into your bank account, In fact you are transferring money from your bank account to another finance-account which is located on the server of the online casino. As is the case with the software and its accuracy, online casinos are also viable for the money of their patrons. The payment gateways are without any exception established companies such as VISA, Mastercard or Moneybookers. The money is at all times reported to and thus controlled by the gaming authority. The money is as safe as it would be on your bank-account.


Once the money is in, it can be bet on casino games. And, when you hit your lucky win, those winnings appear on your account. Find out how to deposit and withdraw.


Once it’s time to (virtually) leave the casino and buy your loved one that new apparel, you use the payout-option to withdraw money from your casino-account and have it transferred back to your bank account.




Promotions and Special Events

Promotions in casinos are exactly what they are in any other marketing environment: They give away goodies when a customer procures a product. In plain English: If you buy our service during a promotion, you get an extra. In a casino, this means cash.
Casino promotions are usually based on deposits – in this case it is called a bonus. A customer deposits money as part of a promotion, fulfils terms & conditions and gets the cash-prize. Apart from classic deposit bonuses, Dragonara Online Casino offers incentives which usually are deposit bonuses on special occasions and often easier to get or based on certain games. There are many different promotions and bonuses suitable for all player-types: from beginner to high-rolling experts.

On other occasions, our Dragonara promotions also give away other prizes through draws or competitions, usually cash, merchandise or other tangible products and services.